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Types of Suspended Ceilings

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Suspended grid ceilings are part of the architectural design of your space, residential or commercial. They are called suspended ceilings because they hang off the structural design elements of your building. Wires, rods, channels and bars form the basis of your metal grid ceiling. Followed by either the installation of plasterboard or ceiling tiles also known as lay in tiles. These type of ceilings provide easy access for all type of services making maintenance a breeze. As a fit out company in Sydney, SJ Build offers affordable and quality solutions for your ceiling needs with a free quote and onsite inspection.

What are the Type of Suspended Grid Ceilings in Sydney

Exposed Grid

Most common type of ceiling is an exposed grid ceiling. Often used in offices, bathrooms,

service rooms or anywhere frequent maintenance checks and replacements above the ceiling have to be carried out. Exposed grid is essentially what it describes, long metal strips called "main runners" spread the length of the room, followed by easy connect shorter metal strips known as "cross tees". Most common layout is 1200mm x 600mm allowing for the standard ceiling tile to lay in. Also allowing easy installation of LED light panels for your Sydney Office.

Concealed Grid

Concealed grid ceiling systems are very similar to exposed grid ceilings as they use the same metal framing structure. However the acoustic ceiling tile is installed in a way that hides the grid system. This is a premium look that does not add much of an expense to your installation. Creating a smooth, clean look. Clients are extremely pleased with how this ceilings end product transforms their office space to a more modern and clean environment

Suspended Plasterboard Ceilings

These ceiling systems are often used where maintenance of services is hardly required but space must be provided for the installation with minimal framing inside the ceiling cavity. Suspended plasterboard ceiling frames are made up of essentially 4 parts.

- Wall angle, to tie all perimeters of the ceiling securely to the walls for fixing of plasterboard

-Framing body, this consists of furring channels and top cross rails that form a grid that evenly distributes the weight across the ceiling

- Hanging System, depending on how far the ceiling needs to be dropped will determine what hanging system is used. Most common forms are gold clips and hanging rod.

-Plasterboard Sheeting, finally the installation and finishing of plasterboard to achieve the smooth seamless finish you would find in your home.

Types of Suspended Ceiling Tiles in Sydney

There are many many choices of ceilings tiles in Sydney and many suppliers offering these tiles. SJ Build as a suspended grid ceiling installer filters out the expensive suppliers and the nonsense they speak to sell you more than is required, or a tile that doesn't perform they way you want acoustically. The most basic tile is a plasterboard vinyl face tile consisting of an off-white finish. Mineral fibre tiles offer sound absorbing qualities and depending on how much you want to spend mould and mildew resistance. Often the tile is chosen for specific areas such as schools, hospitals, bathrooms and high moisture areas.

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