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Commercial Office Fit Outs in Sydney Offer Flexibility in the Office

Commercial office fit outs in Sydney reflect the changing times of today’s workforce. Gone are the days of typing pools. SJ Build creates flexible workspaces to meet the demands of today’s modern workforce. 

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Growth drives most companies, and with growth comes change. In a fast-paced environment, workers need a place to collaborate as well as work quietly. Look to SJ Builds to offer workspaces to service both ends of the spectrum.

  • Shared space amongst workers is a way to cultivate creativity. Ideas bounce between peers, and new projects evolve in the process. Living-room-like areas within an office space promote camaraderie and connecting in a comfortable setting can spur new projects.

  • When privacy is necessary for an office fit-out in Sydney, we can create a retreat with the use of frosted partitions. The frosting keeps prying eyes from legal and confidential documents or spreadsheets. 

  • Open spaces accentuate noise in an open floor plan. We offer a series of noise reduction panels that attach to the walls or the ceiling to ensure that phone conversations no longer bother colleagues. 

The Importance of Office Fit Out Companies Sydney 

The trends in today’s offices favour flexible workspaces. New ways of working help save money on expensive real estate. When you call us to reconfigure your office area, you can reduce the amount of space you need.

  • As mobile phones replace traditional telephones, employees are leaving their desks and desktop computers for a comfortable spot with their laptops. Workspaces are shrinking. 

  • Electronic filing is replacing the copier machine. The tremendous storage capacity of the personal computer is replacing file cabinets, and the files are more easily accessible.

  • As the need for personal office space shrinks, we help reconfigure your office to take advantage of the reduced footprint. As individual offices decrease in size, less space is necessary.

Tips Regarding Small Office Fit Outs in Sydney

If you want to maximise the area of a small office, we have recommendations to make sure it feels spacious. Sydney small office fit outs are prized places to work with our help.

  • Most offices need a quiet place for small meetings or private phone conversations. Floor to ceiling glass partitions create privacy and reduce noise while leaving the room feeling open and airy. Eliminating dark panelled walls reduces a claustrophobic feel by letting the light bounce throughout the office.

  • We can build privacy nooks for those employees who prefer to work solo. The nooks are open, yet they create a feeling of privacy. Small niche-like pods can also comfortably seat two or three people for the small impromptu meetings.

  • Paint walls a lighter shade so that they reflect light. Dark walls feel claustrophobic. Mirrors placed in strategic locations enhance the feeling of a larger space. 

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Tips Regarding Small Office Fit Outs in Sydney

If you want to maximise the area of a small office, we have recommendations to make sure it feels spacious. Sydney small office fit outs are prized places to work with our help.

  • Technology has made it easier for employees to work from home or off-site on any given day. You no longer need to provide employees with spacious offices, but it behoves you to create spaces that promote interaction. Face to face collaboration is always an asset.

  • Conference rooms are often cadaverous spaces where two or three people meet at the end of a long table. Team rooms where three to four people can gather are more practical. Two or more team rooms that take the space of a large conference room may find more use in your environment.

  • You may want to include a workout room in your office fit out in Sydney. Today’s workers want to stay in good shape, and a weight room down the hall will be an asset to their day. Keeping your workforce happy keeps staff turnover down, and the bottom line up.

Why Customer Should Use SJ Build 

We are committed to your success. We are affordable and reliable and are ready 24/7 to meet your wishes. Our staff are licensed traders willing to go the extra mile to complete your job on time and within your budget. Contact us with questions or to set up our initial meeting. You will be pleased with our commitment to you.

For the finest fit outs in Sydney, why not consider us? We want your business to succeed with office spaces designed for productive and energised employees. Connect with us to find out how. 

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