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CM3 Certified

CM3 is an online health and safety prequalification compliance validation system for contractors. 


The system was developed to allow contractors to demonstrate their health and safety capabilities to current and potential clients, to showcase what they can do and if they are the right contractor for the job. 


The prequalification consists of checking if contractors have the right insurances as well as a comprehensive assessment of their safety systems. 


Essentially, by being CM3 Certified, it allows contractors to be listed in the system, so when clients look for contractors for their next job, the ones with the most relevant capabilities and safety systems will come up at the top. 


What being CM3 Certified means for contractors: 

  • Allows contractors to get prequalified to work with clients

  • Allows contractors to be listed on the CM3 contractor marketplace 

  • Improves contractors’ safety management 


What CM3 Means To Clients 


CM3 was designed to take away the administrative burden of contractor management, unlocking the capacity for your WHS team to focus on developing standards to create a safe workplace. 


By leveraging CM3’s centralised prequalification system of contractors, your business can dramatically decrease the time required to prequalify the contractors needed for your job. 


Benefits of CM3 for clients include:

  • Reduce costs 

  • Reduce risk

  • Increase transparency 


At SJ Build, our clients can have peace of mind knowing we are a CM3 Certified business.

About SJ Build 

The SJ Build team takes pride in working hand-in-hand with our clients through each detail of your project. We encourage you to express your ideas for a fit out, and we work to present you with a result that makes you happy. 

Send us a message to learn more about our interior fit out options for companies in Sydney. 

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