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    • Project | COVID Safe Entry Bubble | Soundproof Glass Partition

      We were asked by a client who contacted us online to provide a sound proof solution to the front entry of their shop. After the first consultation a design was settled on Glass Partitions Sydney for a Medical Practice Due to the COVID-19 this glass partition also served as a very good addition for client health and safety. The second glass entry door provides control over how many people can enter at once as well as a place to conduct tempurature checks and hand out masks. Sound proofing of the front entry with the door seals both on the bottom and around the jamb stopped the street noise to the waiting area. Providing not only a more peaceful area to wait but easier to have a conversation with the staff prior to their appointment. Before and Quote An image is taken of the area either by one of our on the road staff or sent in by the client. It is then discussed what the clients needs, wants and expectations for their glass partition are. This is also where a budget is established so we can provide the best quote in their price range 2. Design and Confirmation A quick sketch was drawn up to show the basic concept of the wall. Providing a fish bowl like appearance. The glass partition keeps the same view reception always had with the added safety of an isolation bubble for clients to test for coronavirus (COVID-19). The quote was accepted and the team at SJ Build went to work straight away ordering materials and organising the trades to complete the job fast and efficiently. 3. Construct and Completion To minimise the disruption and downtime to their business all noisy works was completed after hours. An essential requirement in these times of COVID-19 to improve cashflow from economic pressures as well as the safety of the SJ Build team and our Clients. With coordination of Framers, Plasterers, Aluminium Installers, Painters, Glass Installers, Window Tint and Cleaners. SJ Build took 4 Days to Complete. SJ Build takes all the stress out of your hands into ours. If you Require a quote and install of Glass Partitions in Sydney contact us on 1300 SJBUILD or click here for online enquires.

    • Guide to Your Office Fit Out in Sydney

      During this article we will take you though the step by step process for your Office Fit Out in Sydney. It can be overwhelming trying to understand the exact engagement and construction process. SJ BUILD as an all encompassing company with contractors for all your office needs, to take the stress away from your build. Step 1- Express your Interest The first step is to reach out to us. We can‘t help if we don’t know you exist. Through our get a free quote button you can start the engagement process straight away or just click here. This is where you can send any plans or ideas you have though to the team and we can set up your free consultation. Depending with what stage you are at with planning your office fit out we might even be able to provide you a quote off the plans. Step 2- Free Consultation One of our team members will be in contact to discuss your job And organise a free onsite consulation. Measurements will be taken of the space And notes for what you require to form comprehensive floor plan. Step 3 - Negotiate This is where a budget can be established and we can find the perfect solution to maximise your spending. This may be picking a similar workstation with slightly different materials to save money and spend it on the electrical and data requirements. Step 4- Construction Begins Lets Get Going!!! Construction has begun and your on your way to a new office. This is the part where you see your money was well spent. All our trades have years of experience working together to ensure an efficient fit out of your office. Below is a step by step guide from start to finish. Floor Protection, Delivery and Framing All Surfaces are covered prior to delivery of Materials. And The Work Begins on the frame of your enclosed offices, boardrooms, meetings rooms or chill out space. 2. Services Installation and Special Requirements Walls are up now time for your services to be installed. Electrical wiring, data points, projector screen mounts, insulation and soundproofing requirements, 3. Close Off Measurements are checked and finalised. The client has gone though and done a final approval on the position of all walls, doors, glass partitions, etc. Your project starts to look like an office. 4 .Finishing Touches This is the point your office turns from a construction site to a useable space. Painting, Trims, Handles, Locks and Glass Installed. Tinting applied to glass if required. All rubbish, materials and floor protection is now removed from site. Step 5: Office Furniture Your furniture is delivered and ready for install. Work Stations (soft wiring included) Boardroom Tables (all wiring for laptops, projectors, multimedia presentation stations can be included) Meeting Rooms Tables Storage Units Waiting Area (couch, coffee tables) Breakroom and Kitchenette Step 6: Handover A final clean is carried out by professionals to ensure your office is ready for use. Your Sydney office fit out is complete. All desks are wired up ready for your tech team to install all your hardware and office equipment. Contact us now on 1300SJBUILD or email

    • Types of Suspended Ceilings

      Suspended grid ceilings are part of the architectural design of your space, residential or commercial. They are called suspended ceilings because they hang off the structural design elements of your building. Wires, rods, channels and bars form the basis of your metal grid ceiling. Followed by either the installation of plasterboard or ceiling tiles also known as lay in tiles. These type of ceilings provide easy access for all type of services making maintenance a breeze. As a fit out company in Sydney, SJ Build offers affordable and quality solutions for your ceiling needs with a free quote and onsite inspection. What are the Type of Suspended Grid Ceilings in Sydney Exposed Grid Most common type of ceiling is an exposed grid ceiling. Often used in offices, bathrooms, service rooms or anywhere frequent maintenance checks and replacements above the ceiling have to be carried out. Exposed grid is essentially what it describes, long metal strips called "main runners" spread the length of the room, followed by easy connect shorter metal strips known as "cross tees". Most common layout is 1200mm x 600mm allowing for the standard ceiling tile to lay in. Also allowing easy installation of LED light panels for your Sydney Office. Concealed Grid Concealed grid ceiling systems are very similar to exposed grid ceilings as they use the same metal framing structure. However the acoustic ceiling tile is installed in a way that hides the grid system. This is a premium look that does not add much of an expense to your installation. Creating a smooth, clean look. Clients are extremely pleased with how this ceilings end product transforms their office space to a more modern and clean environment Suspended Plasterboard Ceilings These ceiling systems are often used where maintenance of services is hardly required but space must be provided for the installation with minimal framing inside the ceiling cavity. Suspended plasterboard ceiling frames are made up of essentially 4 parts. - Wall angle, to tie all perimeters of the ceiling securely to the walls for fixing of plasterboard -Framing body, this consists of furring channels and top cross rails that form a grid that evenly distributes the weight across the ceiling - Hanging System, depending on how far the ceiling needs to be dropped will determine what hanging system is used. Most common forms are gold clips and hanging rod. -Plasterboard Sheeting, finally the installation and finishing of plasterboard to achieve the smooth seamless finish you would find in your home. Types of Suspended Ceiling Tiles in Sydney There are many many choices of ceilings tiles in Sydney and many suppliers offering these tiles. SJ Build as a suspended grid ceiling installer filters out the expensive suppliers and the nonsense they speak to sell you more than is required, or a tile that doesn't perform they way you want acoustically. The most basic tile is a plasterboard vinyl face tile consisting of an off-white finish. Mineral fibre tiles offer sound absorbing qualities and depending on how much you want to spend mould and mildew resistance. Often the tile is chosen for specific areas such as schools, hospitals, bathrooms and high moisture areas.

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    • Fit Out Company Sydney – SJ Build

      ✆1300 SJBUILD Find an installer the easy way Get Started ABOUT OUR INTERIOR FIT OUT COMPANY We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive service for office fit outs to avoid surprises and blown out budgets. Custom workstations and partitions to transform your work space for your companies individual needs. ​ With our network of trades SJBUILD has the ability to load up your site with trades to achieve your deadlines and to minimise the downtime in your offices, banks, warehouses, etc. ​ SJBUILD offers packages from your basic fit out to high end finishes and acoustic solutions. ​ Our qualified trades are ready and on call to attend to all your property make safe/maintenance needs, whether its a hospital, office, strata building, serviced apartments, hotels, residential homes and more that require a reliable trade to complete repair works. On call 24/7 for any emergency such as electrical failure, burst pipes, storm damage, floods and collapsed ceilings. All work is signed off on completion to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the end result. Providing a full report for your insurance company, client or yourself. Enquire Now SJ Build Operates as a Fit Out Company in Sydney SJ Build has earned the reputation we have among our satisfied clients for the high quality of work we provide along with our stellar customer service as a . The office is a constantly changing environment with technological advancements and the evolution of your company. Don’t let your ageing office space drag you back from your company’s full potential when a fit out can help your space work for you. fit out company in Sydney Problems SJ Build Addresses as a Fit Out Company in Sydney When you have your own business, you understand the importance of keeping up with your competition and how difficult it can be. For a business, stagnation is often death, and one of the most common ways to let that into business is to let your office space fall behind the times. Here are a few of the benefits of a fit out for your office: When your office doesn’t match the needs of you or your employees, it can lead to a great deal of inefficiency. Even small inefficiencies can add up and lead to a great deal of lost time, costing you money. Generally, happier employees are more productive. The state of your office can be one of the most significant factors in your employee morale. Modern fit outs can help with this in multiple ways. A custom workstation can make it more comfortable for your employees and partitions can help filter out distractions from other parts of your office. You know the old line: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your clients will make that first impression when they come to your office. Don’t let them get a bad one. Tips Regarding Sydney Fit Out Companies There are many companies in Sydney that can fit out your office. When you are making your choice, here are a few things to look for: The longer your fit out takes, the more disruptive it can be to your production and employees. With our experience, we can manage the project, working in off-hours when needed, to get it done by your deadline and with little disruption. Customer service can be key. We are only a phone call away and are available 24/7 when you have an emergency such as a burst pipe. The quality of the work has to be top-notch as well. We don’t consider the job done until you sign off and if you need reports for insurance or other reasons, we are happy to offer them. ​ About SJ Build We pride ourselves, among Sydney fit out companies, on the comprehensive service we provide to our clients. From custom workstations to glass partitions, we have provided fit outs for a variety of different companies, each exceeding their expectations. This experience helps us to guide our new customers to the fit out that works for their needs. If you are looking at fit out companies in Sydney to spark new life in your office, look no further and contact us today. Click for our Online Price Calculator Instant | Accurate | Obligation Free Project | COVID Safe Entry Bubble | Soundproof Glass Partition 22 Write a comment 4 Guide to Your Office Fit Out in Sydney 68 Write a comment 4 Project: Small Office Partition | Sydney 99 Write a comment 6 SERVICES PROVIDED COMMERCIAL Turn your project into the vision of your dreams by utilizing this service. Our experts will explain all your options and answer any of your questions regarding fit outs in Sydney. Our team works closely with each client to make sure we’re meeting, and exceeding expectations giving the feel of a small company with the benefits of a big office fit out company. INSURANCE We understand the importance of picking the right company that’s experienced, dependable and affordable. With this service and our many others, we have the tools, experience and workforce to get the job done with the highest standards and at the best price. Let us know how we can help with your needs regarding make safes in Sydney and commercial building Repairs RESIDENTIAL SJ Build has loads of experience in the Residential services, using respected equipment brands and trusted material providers. We offer professional and experienced help with your projects, helping to match your unique needs and budget. We strive to provide great customer service and clear communication so you can understand the progress of your job at every phase. WHAT PEOPLE HAD TO SAY ABOUT SJBUILD THE SERVICE WE PROVIDE AND WHY WE ARE RATED 5 OUT OF 5 STARS ON HIPAGES Glen A, NSW Would you recommend SJBUILD? Yes absolutely. Sean and Jarrod were punctual, professional and more than willing to make the finished job look great over any time saving practices.Highly recommend these guys. 5 of 5 Stars Helen N, NSW Jarryd was very professional in his approach to the project and the carrying out of the project from the beginning to the end. 5 of 5 Stars Kate, NSW Professional service and workmanship. Would recommend to others 5 of 5 Stars

    • Suspended Grid Ceilings Sydney | SJ Build

      Find a ceiling installer the easy way Get Started SJ Build for Your Sydney Suspended Grid Ceiling Installation SJ Build is well known among our satisfied clients for the high-quality design and fit-out work we provide for their . With technology and personnel changes, your office can be in a constant state of evolution that can leave it an inefficient mess. Take back your space with our suspended grid ceiling installation in Sydney to make it work for you and your employees. Sydney Suspended Grid Ceiling Installation Tips for Getting More Value Out Of Our Grid Ceiling in Sydney When you own and run your own business, getting the most value out of all your expenses can mean the difference between a year in the red or the black. As business owners ourselves, we understand that completely. With our suspended grid ceilings, there are several ways that you can get more value including the following: One of the biggest reasons people come to us for their grid ceiling is that their current office space is inadequate and out dated for their existing equipment and personnel needs. Don’t just consider your current needs but look to the future as well. Forward planning will get your office space ready for that expansion, new network, or so on and minimise any future interruption. Most suspended grid ceiling work will cause a disruption of the work at your site, but when you work with an experienced company like us, we are happy to work around your schedule and can get the trades in to meet tight deadlines. Our grid ceiling installation schedules will minimise the disruption to your employees and let them get back to work. A good support system is critical for your suspended ceiling installation, both during and after the work is done. We pride ourselves on our customer service including our availability by phone twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in case of an emergency. If there is an electrical issue or a burst pipe, we are here to help. What is a Suspended Ceiling? A suspended ceiling offered by SJ Build in Sydney is a type of finish that gets hung from either concrete or timber joist ceiling to form the structure that you see in the room. Depending on your design it can hang from your roof or form the ceiling under a deck. These applications consist of structural framing joists. ​ Majority of suspended ceilings systems are installed with acoustic tiles and a steel grid, substituting materials also where you seem fit to achieve the finish you require. Metal hanging wires are used to achieve a drop of 7.6cm to 30.5cm below your deck and other systems to achieve a drop of 2m and more for larger services such as industrial air conditioners. Ceilings like these can be installed by our Sydney plastering team from SJ Build. ​ Typical ceiling systems have a tile supported by thin metal frames that run in a grid style pattern across the room or office. Finishing perimeters are attached to the walls and the grid is suspended from hanging wires and supported by the perimeter mouldings. Standard size for grid is 1200mm x 600mm with a tile size of 1195mm x 595mm. ​ Installation of new LED light panels fit perfectly inside the ceiling grid as well as remade air-conditioning and heating grills. The space between the ceiling and the roof can be used to hide wiring and services, making it easy for maintenance work. These options a very affordable and cost effective way of installing your ceiling quickly and easily. Service Areas We Supply Suspended Ceiling Installation Contractors in Sydney Bayside Council City of Blacktown Municipality of Burwood Camden Council City of Campbelltown City of Canada Bay City of Canterbury-Bankstown Cumberland Council City of Fairfield Georges River Council Hornsby Shire Municipality of Hunters Hill Inner West Council Ku-ring-gai Council Lane Cove Council City of Liverpool Mosman Council North Sydney Council City of Parramatta City of Penrith City of Randwick City of Ryde Municipality of Strathfield Sutherland Shire City of Sydney The Hills Shire Municipality of Waverley City of Willoughby Municipality of Woollahra Surround Suburbs of Sydney Related Services We Provide to Suspended Grid Ceilings and Fire Rated Ceilings in Sydney Suspended Grid Ceilings and Fire Rated Ceilings are only one aspect of the services we can offer you. We also provide office property maintenance in Sydney. Outside of offices, we offer comprehensive refurbishment for all types of commercial sites including warehouses, shops, showrooms and more. Some of our other related services include: Our experienced team are available for residential grid ceiling installation and plasterboard grid ceiling installations Which includes helping you get a dilapidated house ready for sale or to add a distinctly modern touch to the architecture of your home. If you are growing out of your home and want an extension instead of moving, we can handle that too. After disaster strikes your site, be it a fire, flood, or any other damage, we can repair it and make it safe. We provide a full report to your insurance company detailing all the damage and the work required to repair it. Refurbishing and repairing heritage sites requires a deft hand as these buildings often feature more ornate design in their construction and façade. We have the experience to handle these issues without damaging the historical aspects of the design. Why SJ Build Suspended Grid Ceilings in Sydney is Cost-Effective We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive service for suspended grid ceilings, avoiding surprises in budgets that get out of hand. As we are with you from the start to the finish of the project, overseeing all the work, we will keep you informed of the projected cost or provide a quote for the entire works. With our experience dealing with our network of trades, we can load up your site to meet your deadline and minimise the downtime. When we are done, you will marvel at the improvement in employee morale and efficiency, adding to the cost-effectiveness of our service. today to learn more about how we can help change your office. Contact us Get a Free Quote Click for our Online Price Calculator Instant | Accurate | Obligation Free SJ BUILD Mar 16 2 min Types of Suspended Ceilings Suspended grid ceilings are part of the architectural design of your space, residential or commercial. They are called suspended ceilings be 84 views Write a comment 3 SJ BUILD Mar 11 2 min Suspended Ceilings Sydney Suspended grid ceilings are part of the architectural design of your space, residential or commercial. They are called suspended ceilings be 97 views Write a comment 3 SJ BUILD Dec 2, 2019 1 min Project: Soundproof Concrete Ceiling Need an acoustic soundproof ceiling to stop the noise from upstairs. Here is one of our solutions 55 views Write a comment 4 SJ BUILD Nov 29, 2019 2 min Grid Ceilings Sydney | What you need to Know. Essentially a grid ceiling is any form of ceiling not part of the permanent structure of the Building. 44 views Write a comment 6

    • Sydney Office Fit Out Cost Calculator | SJ Build

      SJ Build Provides A Comprehensive Office Fit Out Calculator Are you looking for choices for interior fit outs in Sydney for your home or office? Need to find out how much your project could possibly cost? With our office fit out calculator you will get an instant assessment of your project. Remember you also get a free consultation to discuss your project and lock in the price. Most Comprehensive Cost Calculator for Office Fit outs in Sydney Online OPEN PLAN FITOUT ​ This option is for companies on a very tight budget, open plan furnishing using budget or refurbished workstations. Dividers are made of screens, low rise cupboards and / or cabinets. Quiet areas are created using huddles or booths. Open plan offices help save costs on authority approvals, office partitioning, fire services, make goods, painting and air-conditioning. They also offer a far more flexible working environment as they are easily modified at low cost. Traditionally these are true ‘working’ environments and often don't have a reception. ​ An open plan fitout would cost between $350 and $550 + GST a square metre and include: ​ An open plan work environment Buidget workstations Huddles or booths Quicker installation More flexible office space Increased capacity Cost benefits Natural light. ​ OPEN PLAN FITOUT WITH OFFICES ​ This option is for companies with a little more budget, being extensively open plan with a few offices. Furnished using modular workstation systems, partitions and desks. This type of fitout has some of the benefits and cost savings an open plan fitout provides with the addition of a few offices, meeting rooms and a small reception area with a desk. ​ An open plan fitout with a few offices would cost between $550 and $750 + GST a square metre and include: ​ An open plan work environment Workstations with partitions A few small offices Off the shelf modular furniture A dedicated small meeting room Budget reception desk or counter. ​ MID RANGE OFFICE FITOUT ​ A mid range office fitout is one of our most popular fitouts and would include a welcoming reception area that is the central point for a couple of high end meeting rooms. The floor coverings are carpet tiles and already in place. There is a custom designed reception counter generally with special flooring and ceilings in reception. A typical mid-range workplace is usually made up of small open plan areas combined with a mixture of a few glass and plasterboard partitions for offices. It would normally include meeting rooms, a few breakout areas, a basic kitchen, staff showers and changing room facilities. Modification would be needed to the lighting, air-conditioning and fire services. Good quality functional workstations are used, the office furniture is finished in laminate with timber veneers only being used in the boardroom and possibly the reception or foyer area. A typical mid range office fitout would cost between $810 and $1,110 + GST a square metre and include: ​ A reception and waiting area Meeting rooms Small open plan areas Workstations with partitions Various sized offices Kitchen and breakout area Laminate office furniture A boardroom with audio visual capabilities Glass and plaster walls and partitions Staff shower and changing room. ​ EXECUTIVE OFFICE FITOUT ​ A top of the range office fitout often involves companies needing to relocate or to centralise and can involve multiple floors. When designing a large prestigious workplace it is important to be flexible. Areas can be divided into sub-leasable tenancies allowing for growth or retraction of the work environment. Employee facilities in this type of fitout are of a high standard attracting the very best of prospective candidates. Staff breakout areas are well catered for with high end kitchen facilities, stone bench-tops, coffee machines, group table seating and some lounge seating. Receptions and foyers are large and luxurious being the hub for departmental meeting rooms. Finishes are the highest standard using top quality carpet, stone flooring with extensive use of glass and timber veneers. It incorporates ambient lighting, state of the art multimedia. ​ A high end executive office fitout would cost between $2,240 and $2,440 + GST a square metre and include: A large prestigious reception area Bespoke reception counter Foyer waiting area with lounge seating Custom ceilings and lighting High end meeting rooms Top quality carpet and stone flooring Workstations with partitions Large sized offices Kitchen with stone benchtops Multiple breakout areas Quality finishes throughout High standard employee facilities State of the art audio visual boardroom capabilities A large boardroom table with a quality timber finish Glass and plaster walls and partitions with branding. Like the look of that price for your fit out? Click and have our team call you! HERE Home Commercial Boardroom Set Up CM3 Certified Commercial Property Maintenance Demolition & Rubbish Disposal Electrical & Data Cabling Fit Out Info Interiors Sydney Office Fit Outs Painting Partitions Plastering Plumbing & Emergency Repairs Project Management Refurbishments Strip Out & Make Good Services Suspended Grid Ceilings Workstations, Whiteboards, Shelving Products Cost Calculator Articles Insurance Make Safes Projects Contact Us Search Site

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