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Glass Office Partitions | Request A Booking Online

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Glass office partitions are a great solution to fit out your office space. These partitions have become an affordable way of dividing your office into parts to create not only a sleek and fresh workspace for your employees but a versatile space that allows for expansion. All pieces are reusable to change the layout of your office and constantly change for your needs.

Previous partitions were large and bulky consisting of timber and glass which could not be transferred from one location to another. An investment now in your office space will save thousands later on when time comes to relocate or expand.

The boardrooms were mostly confined and designated for special occasions. As such, these partitions resulted in some forms of mini-prisons.

Although, such setups have changed. More so in the today’s world where partitions are made in a stylish and yet most efficient way.

The use of glass office partitions has allowed for ample light and style in the working areas. Many companies are embracing the trend in their workspaces since they are elegant and modern.

At SJBUILD Interior Fit Out and Property Maintenance, we provide various different designs based on your needs to achieve not only a happy environment for your employees but a productive one. Book online and we can customise your selections based on the style and decor you already have or start from scatch. Below are some options you might like to go with.

Frameless Glass Walls – Which are effective for companies which are looking for something striking. These walls offer a very unique look.

Framed Glass – Unlike the frameless glass walls, framed glass are ideal for organizations that are looking for elegance and openness.

Semi-Frameless Glass – Suitable for companies that want to style their interior with frameless glass but with some extra robustness.Skirting – Effective in providing your company with an elegant and clean appearance.

Frameless Glass Doors – Glass doors tend to appear more welcoming to clients compared to the traditional metallic or wooden doors. In fact, glass doors are in demand at the moment.Plaster Board – They will offer your organization with a very simple but yet modern design.

Contact us now as the options are endless and if you can dream it up we're sure we can make it happen

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