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Suspended Ceilings Sydney

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Are you looking for a ceiling that is easy to access, has great acoustic properties and also looks great? Or maybe looking at covering over an old ceiling to enhance the look of your room. Whatever it is a suspended ceiling may be an option for you.

Read on to learn more. Or get in contact with one of our suspended ceiling installation experts from SJ Build a leading fit out company in Sydney

What are Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings can be hung from timber ceiling joists, steel purlins or concrete slabs creating a cavity where services such as ducting, plumbing and wiring can be easily hidden. Suspended ceilings can offer acoustic balance and control to a room and can also be installed under an existing ( tired looking old ceiling ) giving a bright new look to a room. Suspended ceilings can be either suspended plasterboard ceiling with painted finish or suspended grid ceiling with drop in panels which come in a variety of different finishes

Insulation and Suspended Ceilings in Sydney

Suspended ceilings which are insulated can reduce radiant temperature in the home or office by up to 90 percent. Also if noise is a problem, acoustic ceiling tiles and panels can be installed. Blocking all the unwanted elements

Suspended Ceiling Options

Suspended plasterboard ceilings can be set finished for a seamless flush look or can also have curves and domes for a stylish new look. If you can dream up a grid ceiling in Sydney we can install it.

Suspended drop in panels also known as ceiling tiles usually ( 595 x 1195 mm ) can allow you to improve your interior decor brightening up your Sydney office and giving it a new feel.

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Or get in contact with one of our Sydney interior fit out specialists and they can answer all your questions regarding Grid Ceilings.

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