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Project: Soundproof Concrete Ceiling

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

A client had come to us to solve a problem with the sound coming from their upstairs neighbours. They didn't have a solution in mind but knew they wanted the noise to stop. Additionally a common waste pipe was located in their garage, with every flush you could hear the water running.

How We Installed an Acoustic Ceiling for our Sydney Client.

We started with an onsite visit, to discuss exactly what the problem was where it was coming from and how we could solve their issue and provide an acoustic ceiling.

Acoustic Ceiling Installation Process

  • Ceiling frame out of furring channels installed on rubber mounts to seperate vibrations from concrete ceiling.

  • Acoustic insulation blanket installed as the first layer of protection against noise

  • First layer of sound rated plasterboard installed and all penetrations and joins including perimeters sealed with sound rated sealant.

  • Install Second Layer of Sound Rated Plasterboard (sound rated access panels installed if applicable)

  • Set Finish and Sand all plastering work ready for paint

  • Install any electrical fittings ensuring prior to install that any penetrations are sealed.

Above is the finished product before painting. Visit out site for more information at SJBUILD or enquire here.

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