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Project: Custom Curved Plaster Bulkhead

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

We were approached by one of our clients on how to finish the curve for a stair well bulkhead.

A high end apartment in Bondi, NSW was being renovating and our client was struggling to come up with an idea on how to tie in the curve of the stairwell, the curve of the bulkhead and follow that under and flush with the ground floor ceiling. Head clearance was tight and minimal framing was needed to achieve Australian Standards.

Before We Started

Below you can see exactly what we had to deal with and the small amount of space to frame sheet and plaster. We measured and made templates for the curves and sent them off to be made.

Finished Product

We received our mould in two peices. We began framing, sheeting and setting the moulds in place. Working on smoothing out and creating the right flow from wall, ceiling and staircase.

All of our products are handcrafted from sharp, detailed moulds. Our methods reflect traditional materials combined with modern manufacturing efficiency and attention to detail that is rarely found elsewhere.

We specialise in creating detailed custom products for architects, interior designers and home decorators. These services include heritage work, restorations and reproductions. Anything is possible!

For all your custom plaster needs such as

  • Cornice, Ceiling Centres, Medallions and Embellishments

  • Ceiling domes, Panels

  • Strips and Strip Corners, Bosses Corbels

  • Archways, Coffered Ceiling Panels

  • Acoustic Pods

And so much more contact us on 1300 SJBUILD or get a free quote here.

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