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Project | COVID Safe Entry Bubble | Soundproof Glass Partition

We were asked by a client who contacted us online to provide a sound proof solution to the front entry of their shop. After the first consultation a design was settled on Glass Partitions Sydney for a Medical Practice

Due to the COVID-19 this glass partition also served as a very good addition for client health and safety. The second glass entry door provides control over how many people can enter at once as well as a place to conduct tempurature checks and hand out masks.

Sound proofing of the front entry with the door seals both on the bottom and around the jamb stopped the street noise to the waiting area. Providing not only a more peaceful area to wait but easier to have a conversation with the staff prior to their appointment.

  1. Before and Quote

An image is taken of the area either by one of our on the road staff or sent in by the client. It is then discussed what the clients needs, wants and expectations for their glass partition are. This is also where a budget is established so we can provide the best quote in their price range

2. Design and Confirmation

A quick sketch was drawn up to show the basic concept of the wall. Providing a fish bowl like appearance. The glass partition keeps the same view reception always had with the added safety of an isolation bubble for clients to test for coronavirus (COVID-19).

The quote was accepted and the team at SJ Build went to work straight away ordering materials and organising the trades to complete the job fast and efficiently.

3. Construct and Completion

To minimise the disruption and downtime to their business all noisy works was completed after hours. An essential requirement in these times of COVID-19 to improve cashflow from economic pressures as well as the safety of the SJ Build team and our Clients.

With coordination of Framers, Plasterers, Aluminium Installers, Painters, Glass Installers, Window Tint and Cleaners. SJ Build took 4 Days to Complete. SJ Build takes all the stress out of your hands into ours. If you Require a quote and install of Glass Partitions in Sydney contact us on 1300 SJBUILD or click here for online enquires.

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