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Office Demolitions | Prompt & Free Quotes | Guaranteed Lowest Price

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

We provide office demolition works, make good and strip out existing fit outs for Sydney. SJ BUILD provides network of trades gives us the ability to give excellent rates towards your project.

What You Stand to Gain by Using SJ Build

We want to help you transform your business. Whether you’ve recently moved to a new building and are trying to figure out how to let it best represent your business or you’ve been in the same location for decades and want a fresh perspective, SJ Build can help you. We’ll provide that additional set of eyes, informed by years of experience working with commercial firms throughout Australia.

Our simplified approach to customer service means that you can complete the process from start to finish without interrupting your business’s normal workflow. Instead, you’ll simply benefit everyone on your team and improve the company as you work. Just as you’d invest in having a high-quality team, you should take the time and resources to ensure that your working environment matches the quality work that your team completes. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your office space.

Services Provided by SJ BUILD in Sydney

  • Qualified insurance works after an emergency - ripping out all the damage furniture, carpet, walls, ceilings etc..

  • Back to base demolition - preparing for the handover of your tenancy

  • Interior Strip outs - Full and partial strip outs of your tenancy to make two offices, sub lease unused or less utilises areas of your office to generate income

  • Complete rubbish removal 24/7 - minimising the affects on other tenants in your building

  • Common area protection - Hoardings are an understated necessity providing protection to the general public and other tenants. Floor protection is included in all projects for common areas or flooring staying as is too minimise any damage caused though the construction and demolition.

Base building upgrades to entire offices involve many different trades, SJ BUILD ensures that all the trades work together such as electrical, plumbing, fire sprinklers and alarms, security etc.

Related Services We Provide to Office Fit Out and Refurbishment in Sydney

Office fit-outs and refurbishments are only one aspect of the services we can offer you. We also provide office maintenance in Sydney. Outside of offices, we offer comprehensive refurbishment for all types of commercial sites including warehouses, shops, showrooms and more.

Some of our other related services include:

  • Our experienced team are available for residential refurbishments as well—which includes helping you get a dilapidated house ready for sale or to add a distinctly modern touch to the architecture of your home. If you are growing out of your home and want an extension instead of moving, we can handle that too.

  • After disaster strikes your site, be it a fire, flood, or any other damage, we can repair it and make it safe. We provide a full report to your insurance company detailing all the damage and the work required to repair it.

Refurbishing and repairing heritage sites requires a deft hand as these buildings often feature more ornate design in their construction and façade. We have the experience to handle these issues without damaging the historical aspects of the design.

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