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Guide to Your Office Fit Out in Sydney

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

During this article we will take you though the step by step process for your Office Fit Out in Sydney. It can be overwhelming trying to understand the exact engagement and construction process. SJ BUILD as an all encompassing company with contractors for all your office needs, to take the stress away from your build.

Step 1- Express your Interest

The first step is to reach out to us. We can‘t help if we don’t know you exist. Through our get a free quote button you can start the engagement process straight away or just click here. This is where you can send any plans or ideas you have though to the team and we can set up your free consultation. Depending with what stage you are at with planning your office fit out we might even be able to provide you a quote off the plans.

Step 2- Free Consultation

One of our team members will be in contact to discuss your job And organise a free onsite consulation. Measurements will be taken of the space And notes for what you require to form comprehensive floor plan.

Step 3 - Negotiate

This is where a budget can be established and we can find the perfect solution to maximise your spending. This may be picking a similar workstation with slightly different materials to save money and spend it on the electrical and data requirements.

Step 4- Construction Begins

Lets Get Going!!!

Construction has begun and your on your way to a new office. This is the part where you see your money was well spent. All our trades have years of experience working together to ensure an efficient fit out of your office. Below is a step by step guide from start to finish.

  1. Floor Protection, Delivery and Framing

All Surfaces are covered prior to delivery of Materials. And The Work Begins on the frame of your enclosed offices, boardrooms, meetings rooms or chill out space.

2. Services Installation and Special Requirements

Walls are up now time for your services to be installed. Electrical wiring, data points, projector screen mounts, insulation and soundproofing requirements,

3. Close Off

Measurements are checked and finalised. The client has gone though and done a final approval on the position of all walls, doors, glass partitions, etc. Your project starts to look like an office.

4 .Finishing Touches

This is the point your office turns from a construction site to a useable space. Painting, Trims, Handles, Locks and Glass Installed. Tinting applied to glass if required. All rubbish, materials and floor protection is now removed from site.

Step 5: Office Furniture

Your furniture is delivered and ready for install.

  • Work Stations (soft wiring included)

  • Boardroom Tables (all wiring for laptops, projectors, multimedia presentation stations can be included)

  • Meeting Rooms Tables

  • Storage Units

  • Waiting Area (couch, coffee tables)

  • Breakroom and Kitchenette

Step 6: Handover

A final clean is carried out by professionals to ensure your office is ready for use. Your Sydney office fit out is complete. All desks are wired up ready for your tech team to install all your hardware and office equipment.

Contact us now on 1300SJBUILD or email

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