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Grid Ceilings Sydney | What you need to Know.

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

During your adventures though shopping centres, your office and even your home you would have come across grid ceilings. The different styles could be exactly what your looking for and its right above your head. So how can one be the answer to your commercial fit out or residential needs and why you should use SJ Build for your grid ceiling installation in Sydney?

Types of Grid Ceiling in Sydney?

There are numerous names that accompany with the word "Grid Ceiling". These include

  • False Ceiling

  • Drop Ceiling

  • Tile Ceiling

  • T-Bar Ceiling

  • Suspended Ceiling

  • Exposed Grid Ceiling

  • Concealed Grid Ceiling and so on....

Essentially a grid ceiling is any form of ceiling not part of the permanent structure of the Building. It can be changed out and replaced without any council approvals and done with ease. Usually a light weight ceiling system made packed in boxes and easily moved up and down lifts and across offices to reduce the disturbance to other tenants.

Forms of a grid ceiling have been in place since the 16th century and often thought to be an old cheap way of installing a ceiling (ugly). This is not the case anymore with new systems you would never even know it was a clip in ceiling.

Their excellent acoustic properties make it a good investment in your office for employee comfort. Adding a stylish and pleasing look when you come into work.

An older, less common type of dropped ceiling is the concealed grid system, which uses a method of interlocking panels into one another and the grid with the use of small strips of metal called 'splines', thus making it difficult to remove panels to gain access above the ceiling without damaging the installation or the panels. Normally, they have a "key panel" (usually in the corner) that can be removed, allowing for the other panels to be slid out of the grid (a series of metal channels called 'z bars') one by one, until eventually removing the desired panel. This type of ceiling is more commonly found in older installations or installations where access to above the ceiling is generally considered unnecessary.

This system has some major disadvantages, compared to the more common "drop panel" system, most notably the difficulty in removing and reattaching panels from the grid, which, in some cases, can cause irreparable damage to the panels removed. Finding replacement panels for this type of dropped ceiling is becoming increasingly more difficult as the demand for them and the production of parts slow. Small clips are still available that allow tiles to be inserted into gaps in the ceiling where a tile is missing and work by being placed on the edge of a concealed tile and then being slid along as the tile is placed to 'lock' it in place.

Why Install a Grid Ceiling in Your Home or Commercial Property?

Instead of a plain ceiling why not add a feature to your place. If you have the height go for more adventurous features. Theres a range fro every style.

  • Metallic

  • Timber Veneer

  • Coloured tiles or Tbars

  • Concealed systems give a variety of patterns

  • Drop one area to make a feature with clip in metal pan ceilings or soundscape panels

Having a grid ceiling professionally installed can be surprisingly affordable and the results will be guaranteed. Contact us now for a Free Quote Here

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